Vahn Valdez, our resident Asian tickle boy invited his new friend Nathan over to his new house. But Nathan doesn’t know about Vahn’s insatiable tickling fetish. Vahn offers him a refreshing glass of cold water. While he’s getting the water, he checks to make sure Nathan is not watching, and drops a knock-out pill into his glass. It works instantly and his cute friend falls unconscious on the bed. Vahn then straps him down spreadeagled on the bed before he awakens. Vahn then proceeds to test for his cute Asian twink friend’s tickle spots. Vahn loves male feet tickling, so he makes his way over to Nathan’s feet and takes off his shoe. He is wearing black socks, and gives his sock covered sole some tickling before pulling his socks off. Nathan’s cute male feet are quite ticklish with socks on, so Vahn is anxious to get to those ticklish bare soles. The sock comes off and Vahn gets just the reaction he was hoping for; very ticklish male feet! Vahn enjoys the foot tickling for a while then strips off the shoes and socks from the other foot and drives his tickle toy boy nuts with dancing scribbling fingers on his smooth soles. Soon he strips the boy naked and puts him through an erotic tickle session that he’ll never forget.